04 June 2009

Oh, knitting, you fickle mistress...

I think the universe mocks me for neglecting my blog. I knit a Nutkin that I can't put on my foot, and today, I cast off on the Adamas shawl, only to find it is woefully small, even blocked. So I've frogged the cast off, the 12-row edging, and rehung the umpteen million stitches back on the needles and replaced all the markers.

Let's just say that that was not a satisfactory experience.

On one hand, I need to do this. The shawl is a gift, and it would be both lame and useless as small as it turned out to be. And I do enjoy the knitting--I like this pattern a lot. On the other--ooooooh, I dislike frogging.

Maybe someday I'll have a FO to post.

I did score major yarn goodness on vacation, though. Pictures to come when there's natural light.